Family Herbalist

Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels with herbs and oils–spending a fortune but not getting the results you need? Learn how to get it right the first time when you become a Confident Family Herbalist.

Aromatic Medicine

Curious about essential oil ingestion? Education is the key to safety. In our Aromatic Medicine class, you can learn how to use essential oils internally both safely and effectively.

Master Herbalist

Take your herbal mastery to the next level in this advanced study program. The advanced Confident Master Herbalist class empowers you to effectively address any health concern your family may face.

Skip the Guesswork

We take the guesswork out of natural health. Skip the long nights searching the web for every combination of natural remedies you can find and go right to what works the first time.

Flexible Learning

All of our classes were specifically developed to fit into YOUR busy lifestyle. Take your learning on-the-go, mark your favorite lessons, and print off convenient projects, formulas, and monographs.

Relaxed Environment

Our programs make learning fun again with easy-to-master video-based lessons, hands-on herbal and essential oil projects, interactive student groups, and supportive instructors.

Featured Classes

Confident Family Herbalist Class

CONFIDENT FAMILY HERBALIST MANAGE YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH NEEDS NATURALLY AND EFFECTIVELY SAVE $200 through May 17! As a botanical medicine researcher and educator with over a decade of experience, Dr. […] Learn More ...

Confident Master Herbalist Class

CONFIDENT MASTER HERBALIST MASTER THE ART AND SCIENCE OF HERBAL MEDICINE As a botanical medicine researcher and educator with over a decade of experience working with thousands of families on […] Learn More ...

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