We are often disconnected from birth until we find ourselves about to experience it. Laura Speece wants to change that.

A CAPPA Certified Doula and Childbirth Instructor, as well as educational faculty member, Laura is intimately familiar with birth and passionate about educating and supporting new parents. As a member of the Vintage Remedies team, she's also committed to relaying evidence-based information in that process.

The Art & Science of Childbirth is a marriage of her two fields of expertise, creating an all-in-one course that can serve as childbirth education or a primer for childbirth support. 

Baby feet

You will learn...

Module 1: Introduction

The course begins with a personal introduction from your instructor and all of the tools, resources, and information you need to make the most of the course. 

Whether you are due to give birth in just a couple of weeks or are still in your first trimester planning ahead, Laura has the tools to guide you through the process, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your big day. 

In the first module, she shares some pointers for navigating the course, a recommended reading list, and some resources you will need to prepare for your birth.

Module 2: A Healthy Pregnancy
Module 3: All About Labor
Module 4: Pain Management
Module 5: Active Labor & Positions
Module 6: Postpartum
Module 7: Caring for your Newborn
Module 8: Breastfeeding

Course Registration

$385 OR 3 payments of $139
  • UNLIMITED access to the Eight Module Program
  • Personal support from Laura Speece
  • BONUS lessons and activities
  • Video Lectures, Downloadable PDF Handouts, Hands-On Projects
  • Work at your own pace–study as a week long crash course or invest a full 8 weeks into the lessons!

Meet Laura:

Your instructor, Laura Speece, CCCE, CLD, has ten years of experience as a childbirth professional, earning not only doula and childbirth education certifications from CAPPA, but also the credentials to train aspiring childbirth professionals in the field. 

She maintains a thriving doula practice in South Carolina, working with families during the entire childbirth experience, and now she brings this expertise directly to you, no matter where you live!

Pregnancy brings a mixture of thoughts and emotions. It's natural but challenging, beautiful but messy, instinctual but often unfamiliar. Whether you've given birth before, are looking to supplement your doula education, or are new to this realm of life entirely, you will learn and grow through this unique and extensive course.