As a botanical medicine researcher and educator with over a decade of experience, I've worked with thousands of families on the road to natural health. Over the years, a few trends have emerged:

  • Most people spend far too much money on natural remedies, when they only need a couple.
  • Moms, wives, and partners who use herbs and oils for health are bombarded with a sea of pseudoscience and misinformation, clouding their ability to achieve the results they want.
  • Studies show that most families are not getting the results from herbs or EOs that they want, not because the substances don't work, but because they are either using the wrong substances or they are applying them the wrong way.

In fact, time and time again I find myself with a student or client who is frustrated with their remedies. They know that herbs and essential oils are a good option, but can't seem to get the results they want in their own homes. If you've ever been frustrated that you're spending hundreds on herbs and oils but don't feel like you're avoiding all of the illness you should be avoiding or becoming healthier as quickly as you think you should, you're not alone. This is exactly why the Confident Family Herbalist course exists.

Take what you know about herbal courses and throw it out the window. This is a whole new perspective, ready to be applied in your home today. Other courses spend your time with lengthy (but undeliverable) promises about herbal actions and benefits, but leave you hanging when it comes to application and ultimately, to getting results.

That's no way to become a Confident Family Herbalist.

In recent survey of students, the Family Herbalist class:

  • saved the average student nearly $500 each year in natural health expenses.
  • increased healthy days by 2-4 total days each year.
  • empowered our students to find the right dose and the right application to get the results they want-sooner!
  • was found to be the single best investment most of our students had made in their overall health ever. 

If you're tired of spending hours compiling lengthy lists of herbal actions only to be left hanging when your family needs results, it's time for a new approach. Stop spinning your wheels and investing in ever-growing collections of herbs and oils only to get the same results over and over. Save yourself time and money when you become a Confident Family Herbalist-in just a few months!


You will learn...

Modules 1-6: Scientific Foundation

In the first six modules, you will develop a strong, scientific foundation for natural health. This section empowers you to master the evidence-based approach to herbalism and sets the stage for achieving greater efficacy and confidence with your home solutions.

M1 The Big Picture: This chapter establishes a context for herbalism from both a historic and modern perspective. You'll be able to place your herbal endeavors within a framework built of both history and philosophy.

M2 Health & Disease: Why do we get sick? How do we truly avoid illness? In this module, you'll master prevention at both a macro and micro level, focusing on theories of disease and methods of treatment.

M3 Natural Healing: How is herbalism distinct in a realm of a myriad of health modalities? What makes herbs actually work? This chapter digs deeper into the chemical composition of botanicals and places herbalism within the context of natural healing tools.

M4 Plants as Toxins and Medications: What happens to herbs when they enter the body? How do we know what constitutes a safe and effective dose? This chapter on pharmacokinetics and toxicology empower you to address those controversies like a pro.

M5 Handmade Apothecary: Get the tools, tips, and techniques you need to develop your own safe and effective handmade apothecary. This module takes the guesswork out of product production and formulation.

M6 Dosing Demystified: Struggling to figure out how to arrive at a safe and effective dose for your family's needs? Struggle no more! In this module, you will learn to calculate dosing confidently, knowing your family will get the results you need.

Modules 7-10: Wellness Through the Lifespan
Module 11-15: Applications
Module 16: Scientific Best Practices

Registration Includes

  • UNLIMITED access to our online learning center for over 70 multi-media lessons you can enjoy from your own home (internet access required for basic package)
  • Access to forums and a team of mentors to walk with you each step of the way, ensuring that you get the most from each course.
  • SIXTEEN comprehensive modules with over 70 total lessons with in-depth herbal profiles empowering you to use herbs and oils confidently in your home
  • NINE recorded sessions with Jessie to cover the uses of herbs and oils for nine key sources of disease (enjoy download access with Deluxe registration)
  • BONUS courses and short classes to enhance your learning experience
  • Deluxe Package Only: Full downloads of each video lecture, including the slide deck PDFs and the audio-only files to learn on-the go! Plus an extra bonus course.
  • The most comprehensive, reliable herbal educational program you can find, developed and delivered by an actual researcher in the field.

Basic Course Registration

$695 OR 3 payments of $245
  • Get UNLIMITED access to all 16 modules through our online portal
  • Support from your own personal course instructor
  • Watch the lectures online (does not include download access for the videos)
  • BONUS: 8 webinar recordings of live events with Jessie (value: $200)
  • BONUS: FREE basic access to the Herbs & Oils: Beyond the Basics course (value $195)
  • a $1,090 value!

Deluxe Course Registration

$895 OR 3 payments of $325
  • Get the same UNLIMITED access to all 16 online multi-media lessons
  • Support from your own personal course instructor
  • Get both Basic Access bonuses, worth a total of $395
  • Exclusive: Get download privileges for the full set of over 70 video lessons, slide deck PDFs, and mp3 audio of the lectures (value $300)
  • Deluxe BONUS: Get access to the Handmade Apothecary short course (value: $159)
  • a $1,549 value!

study at vintage remedies


"The Vintage Remedies Family Herbalist course was NOT my first herbal program but it was definitely the best program I've ever taken! Dr. Hawkins has a knack for taking complex concepts and making them simple (I just love her brain!!!). I've not only learned about herbs, but how to actually use them correctly in the home and best of all, I get results now."


"If I'm honest, I wasn't sure about all of the science in the course. I just wanted vintage herbalism. But once I got into the Family Herbalist course, I realized how much the two work together and the proof is in the pudding. My family's health has never been better and I learned how to get the results I need."