Gluten Free Baking



When was the last time you smelled freshly baked goods in your gluten free kitchen? The precision and variants required to bake without gluten (and without making a dense, sugary brick) can be intimidating.

Not anymore.

Chef Colby Baker is here to save your sweet tooth, your meal plan options, your kitchen. From enrolling in culinary school to becoming a chef instructor at Viking Cooking School, Colby has pursued perfection in gluten free baking. Like many of us, she discovered her reaction to gluten later in life. She's been gluten free for over 5 years now and has worked to perfect the baking staples that she loves in a way that her body can tolerate. Now, you can too.

If you have ever wished you had a gluten free chef in your kitchen to provide tips and tutorials for techniques to feed your family the delicious meals you used to enjoy, this is the course for you.

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You will learn...

Module 1: Intro to GF Baking

Demystify the science of flour combinations and tricks for success to provide a foundation for all of the gluten free recipes and conversions to come. This requires forgetting everything you thought you knew about gluten free baking–skip the lowered expectations and the adjusted menu plans. 

In this module, you will learn how to convert any recipe to feature gluten free flours and learn about the tools and techniques you need to succeed with delicious gluten free meals. By the end of this course, you'll have full menus, just like you used to enjoy, with safe gluten free ingredients.

Module 2: Breading & Frying
Module 3: Quick Breads
Module 4: Yeasted Breads
Module 5: Baked Goods
Module 6: Pastas & Sauces

Course Registration

$385 OR 3 payments of $139
  • UNLIMITED access to the Eight Week Program
  • Personal support from Colby with personal feedback on your own gluten free baking projects
  • Video Demonstrations, Downloadable PDF Handouts, Hands-On Projects
  • Learn how to make specific recipes and how to convert family favorites
  • BONUS: Gluten Free Year Round: FREE short course teaching you how to create GF alternatives to your holiday staples. (Value $95)

Meet Chef Colby:

Your instructor, Chef Colby Baker, has been part of the Vintage Remedies family for years, with a diploma in Dietary Supplement Science and as a Certified Aromatherapist from Franklin Institute of Wellness.

Before that, she graduated Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s in Family Consumer Science Education and from The Art Institute of Tennessee with a diploma in culinary arts, and furthered her nutrition education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in the  Holistic Nutrition Specialist program.

Colby learned several years ago that she has a gluten sensitivity and modified all of her culinary skills to reflect a gluten free diet. She continues to offer private culinary services for events in the Nashville area and enjoys her time at home with her husband and young daughter.