Can you balance credibility and creativity in your writing? Do you want to boost your authentic reach in an age of clickbait and half-measures?

If you've read studies and pored over research, you've probably noticed that scientists and researchers write one way, while the people dispersing that information speak and write very differently. Most of us know which style is more likely to pop up in our social media feeds as a recommended or shared item. The trick for the evidence-based health advocate is to make the researchers' information exciting enough to be appreciated and shared by the masses.

In this course, you will assess your existing content or work through your writing goals to create content that readers love. Over five modules, you can do the work to turn your hobby wellness blogging into a savvy, health writing brand.

Creative inspiration
health writing

You will learn...

Module 1: Catching the Vision

Why are you writing, who are you writing to, what are you writing about?

Forget the surface answers and learn how to dig deep.

What is your vision and how can you make it into a reality?

Module 2: Building Content
Module 3: Marketing with Integrity
Module 4: Branching Out
Module 5: Protecting Your Brand

Course Registration

$385 OR 3 payments of $139
  • UNLIMITED access to the Six Week Program
  • Personal support from Brannan
  • Video Lectures, Downloadable PDF Handouts, Hands-On Projects
  • BONUS FREE consulting session with Brannan for pointers on your work (value $120)

Meet Brannan:

Your instructor, Brannan Sirratt, has been immersed in web content for over a decade, with the better part of that time spent in wellness.

As a Franklin Institute of Wellness alum, she has dug deep into the world of academic research and writing and compared it to her experience in web content and (enjoyable!) book content. 

There is a great need for writers who bridge the gap in those communities, and Brannan enjoys consulting with authors who hope to meet that need.