Safe yet Effective Bug Spray

Looking for a great bug spray formula? We’ve got you covered thanks to the repellant nature of many essential oils. You probably already knew that citronella is well known for its ability to repel bugs–especially mosquitos, which are notorious for spreading disease. But a much more effective active ingredient is lemon eucalypts oil (eucalyptus citriodora). In clinical tests, it has shown to be as effective and long lasting as DEET and is one of the only natural ingredients approved by the EPA for protection against both ticks and mosquitoes.

You will need:

2 ounces distilled water
2 ounces odorless alcohol (vodka is a good choice)
48 drops citronella
96 drops lemon eucalyptus
72 drops sweet orange

Combine all of these ingredients in a 4 ounce spray bottle and shake well. (Keep in mind that separation is normal, so you will need to shake again prior to each use.) Spray before going outdoors–with special attention to the ankles–to stay safe and bug bite free.

Formulation note: Yes, there is a large quantity of EOs in this formula. This is a very potent product, but that large percentage of oils is necessary for efficacy. Most natural bug spray formulas include a small amount of EOs based on skin care recommendations, which may help for a few minutes but is not sufficient to protect from serious health risks. This spray was specifically formulated to ensure both safety and efficacy and can even be used on children 2 and older.  Just be sure to avoid spraying directly on skin, anywhere near their faces, or spraying little fingers that may go into their mouths (just as you would with any commercial brand).