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If you have ever looked at the ingredient label on the products you put on your skin you know that the options are typically either slather your body with questionable additives or empty your wallet to indulge in natural products. Not anymore.

In this class, Certified Aromatherapist Christy Hires walks you through the process to develop your own customized line of botanically based skincare products. Whether your goals include pampering your baby with the most gentle skin care available, fighting those age lines with a luxurious botanically-derived serum, or addressing routine hygiene needs more naturally, Christy will empower you to achieve that goal using natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

At the end of this 6-module course, you'll be a pro at whipping up your own soothing lotions, moisturizing serums, and producing bath treats that will wow your friends and family.


You will learn...

Module 1: Introduction

Skin care is anything but skin deep. Achieving fresh, healthy-looking skin requires a holistic approach that also includes an emphasis on overall health.

In this module, Christy walks you through the most valuable ways to protect and nourish your skin from the inside-out. She also introduces you to various skin types so that you will be able to customize the techniques in this course to meet your personal needs, and she shows you where to source the supplies you need to get the most out of this class.

Module 2: Botanicals in Skin Care
Module 3: Ointments & Lotion
Module 4: Product Enhancements
Module 5: Hydrotherapy
Module 6: Specialty

SAVE $90 through Wednesday, April 18th!

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Meet Christy:

Your instructor, Christy Hires, is a Certified Aromatherapist with a thriving private practice with two locations in her home state of Colorado. In addition to teaching at the VRLC, Christy is an instructor at the Franklin Institute of Wellness.

She has completed education in herbalism and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible & Theology. She loves hiking and camping in the mountains near her home during the summer and snowshoeing those same mountains during the winter. She’s a wife and mom to four beautiful children.